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Road Ready Driving School Mission Statement:

At Road Ready we will strive to help you develop and attain the necessary driving skills in order to be safe, comfortable, and confident on our roads. We will provide a friendly, patient, and professional atmosphere during our class 5 driving lessons.

Pick up and Drop off

We will pick you up from wherever you need:  home, work, school, or at another location in order to make it convenient for you!


We provide lessons in all areas of the city of Winnipeg.  We are familiar with every MPI center.  These include five locations:

Bison, Gateway, King Edward, Main Street, and St. Mary's.


We provide our lessons in English, and we will not yell and scream, but rather give you constructive feedback, and help you understand where you can improve your driving skills.

Parallel Parking

We will teach you how to parallel park with poles, your road test includes parallel parking with poles as well, and this is the first skill to be completed before you begin driving on the road. 

Lessons outside Winnipeg

If you want lessons or a road test that is outside of Winnipeg, for example:  Selkirk, Portage La Prairie, Brandon, Steinbach, Winkler, then an additional fee will be added.


The road test is approximately 20-30 minutes.  They will give you instructions such as turning left or turning right, or turning left up ahead or right coming up.


Our lessons will be one-on-one.

Our Vehicle

We provide a 2012 Hyundai Elantra that is equipped with a dual-brake, second rear view mirror, and a 'Training Car' sign on the roof of the vehicle.

Convenient methods of payment

We accept payment in cash, cheque, eTransfer and Paypal.

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