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Common Questions?

What is the cost of a written test?

The cost for a written test is $10.

What is the cost of a Class 5 road test?

The cost for a road test is $30.

How many lessons will I need?

This depends on how many hours of driving experience you already have. Some students may only need to take a couple of lessons if they have already had several hours of driving experience. While some students may need several lessons before they are comfortable, and confident enough behind the steering wheel. The amount of lessons could vary from 2-3 lessons to possibly 10-12 or more depending on your experience so far, and how quickly you are comfortable and safe on the road.

How can I pay for lessons?

Cash, cheque, eTransfer and Paypal.

Do you pick me up for the lessons?

Yes, we pick you up at home, work, school, or another location.

At what age can you enroll in Driver Education classes in high school?

You have to be 15 and 1/2 years old.

If I fail my road test, how long do I have to wait before I can take another test?

You have to wait 14 days before you can take another road test. However, you can reschedule your road test at any time by going to the website, going to an Autopac agent, or to any Manitoba Public Insurance location.

Where do I go to get the written test?

The written test is taken at one of the 5 MPI locations where you would take your road test, these are listed below.

Where do I take the road test?

There are 5 different locations in the city where you can take a road test.

The testing locations are:

•15 Barnes Street at Bison Drive

•40 Lexington Park at Gateway Road

•1284 Main Street

•125 King Edward Street

• 930 St. Mary's Road (French language services available)

Can I take lessons or the road test outside of Winnipeg?

Yes you can, however there will be an additional fee.

MPI has changed a policy for Winnipeg residents, if you are a Winnipeg resident then you have to take your road test within Winnipeg.

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