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>>MPI certified Driving School provides the 2 hour Driving Instruction Verification Form if you have had 4 failed attempts at the road test​.  

>>An additional distance fee of between $10-$20 can be added if you are 20-30 minutes away from me.

>>Payment for all lessons can be completed with cash, e-transfer( Paypal(Pricing tab above), or with a cheque made payable to Road Ready driving school.

Click on my Google reviews tab above to find out what Road Ready driving school clients had to say.  You can also write your own review!!

Welcome to Road Ready driving school, where we drive to be Road Ready! 

 Are you looking for professional class 5 driving lessons?

Are you nervous about driving?  Have you had negative driving experiences?  Are you a new driver?  Are you experienced, and would you like to improve your current driving skills?  Are you preparing for your road test? 

**Additional fees may be applied due to where you are in Winnipeg**

2012 HONDA CI​VIC with a Digital Speedometer

Isaac Fehr is the owner/instructor at Road Ready driving school in Winnipeg. All training cars include a passenger brake, second rear mirror and a TRAINING CAR sign on the car for your safety.  We offer lessons in every area of the city! Isaac has previously worked for MPI as a Driver Education Instructor.  He is fluent in English, and he has driven for 27+ years.  His educational background includes a Bachelor of Education Degree, a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Business Administration Diploma, and a Certificate in Adult Education.

At Road Ready driving school we provide professional Class 5 driving lessons for all ages, cultures, ethnicities and experience levels. We will provide a friendly, patient, and professional atmosphere that will allow you to learn how to drive safe, comfortable, and confidently on our Winnipeg roads. 

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